Thursday, August 23, 2012

Episode 1431: Sometimes, I Surprise Even Myself

Another thousand words or so added to my dissertation and the chapter is now half-done. I'm actually really surprised at how I've been managing to add substantial chunks, every time I've sat down to do some work. I mean, there's always been the usual procrastination, e.g. constantly refreshing Facebook, so really, if I got rid of that, just think of what I could accomplish! (Yeah, I think it's pretty funny too.) I think if I keep the analysis in the rest of this chapter tightly focused on the line of argument that feeds into the conclusion, my final word count will be over 16000, but still within the 17600 that the +10% leeway affords me. Would be quite hard to cut anything out at this point, due to the way my paragraphs have been chained together in sequence. Also, it turns out that the poet whom I thought was a bit naïve because he was young actually isn't that young at all. I made the mistake of assuming he must be new to the literary scene, just because I hadn't heard of him before reading the anthology. Rookie mistake!

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