Thursday, April 08, 2010

Episode 563: Terzanelle Success!

I wrote today's poem in under an hour, right after getting on the bus. It's an extended terzanelle (one additional tercet), which gives 14 unique lines, so I've written it such that these form a sonnet. Probably will have to indent the repeated lines on the page, just to make the sonnet obvious. (Or I could just make it a throwaway remark in my commentary?) The poem came quite easily, and it scans almost perfectly as iambic tetrameter. I've treated it more as a technical experiment than anything else, so in that respect, it's pretty damn good, I personally think. We stopped for lunch in Dresden, but didn't see much else. Not too bothered really. The hotel in Berlin supposedly has free Internet access, but possibly due to the electrical outage an hour before we got here, it's completely on the fritz. Oh, and an update regarding the tooth, it's definitely sensitive (ate ice-cream today and it ached), but I can't work out why. Crack? Am I going to need a filling? Oh no! We were going to head to the Reichstag tonight for the view, but the queue was so long, we were told that there'd be no point in our waiting tonight. Might go back tomorrow, I guess. So I'm back in the hotel room, catching up on The Vampire Diaries. I think it's definitely my favourite show from The CW right now, as the writing actually seems to be pushing the plot somewhere purposefully, rather than in Gossip Girl, where the plot is too tangled while still trying to ground itself in a semblance of reality, or in Melrose Place, where it's never meant to be taken realistically in the first place, but the stories have been pretty dull until now.

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