Thursday, April 29, 2010

Episode 584: Abortive Attempt At Work

Have been trying to do work the entire day, but have wound up listening to the duet version of 'Amarrado A Ti' by Álex Ubago and Sharon Corr. She apparently has a pop album coming out this year, and the snippets on her website sound promising. (Yes, there is still room in my iTunes library for music that hasn't been polished to a glossy sheen.) 'Amarrado A Ti', by the way, is really quite catchy. It starts off with a minor chord progression but is nonetheless ridiculously upbeat, and I think that's why I really love the song. Anyway, on the work front, I've decided which two pieces of writing I'm going to discuss for the 500-word pieces. It's going to be Calvin Trillin's 'The Magic Bagel' and David A. Price's The Pixar Touch: The Making Of A Company. I've even had vague thoughts about what I admire in each, which is phenomenal progress by my standards. Am despairing over the commentary for my poetry though. I had a look at the average length that I managed per poem for last year's poetry unit in EN124, and it was about 150 words. It means I need to waffle along for two sentences longer on average, which doesn't sound like a lot, until you realise that really, I was waffling all the way to begin with. Argh.

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