Saturday, April 17, 2010

Episode 572: Daleks Versus Work?

I'm now around 1200 words for the piece on the media and natural disasters, and it feels like it's going to run over the 2000-word limit. Definitely can finish it by tomorrow night if I'm really focused, but even if I don't I'll get it done over my brief London getaway. Am watching the latest Doctor Who episode, featuring the return of the Daleks. I'm a bit upset that there isn't a green Dalek in the newly reconstructed race. I always think a colour palette lacks balance if it doesn't have green in it. (I might be biased on this because it happens to be my favourite colour.) Procrastinated earlier in the evening by watching Gabriel, starring Andy Whitfield who currently appears in Spartacus: Blood And Sand on Starz. (I haven't actually watched that series yet. Just one more on the long list that my external hard drives store.) Aside from science fiction, I'm also a bit of a sucker for anything that borrows elements from the Judaeo-Christian tradition (although I abhor Dan Brown), and well, a film about good and evil battling for control of purgatory seems like a fairly novel concept. From what I've read online though, the film has pretty much been universally panned. It's a shame, I guess, since if bigger names had been attached to it, you know it would have generated at least some publicity. As it is, this Australian film has been relegated to direct-to-DVD in the USA. It's an okay film, but like most stuff that I watch these days, I feel like the story could have been more developed. That's probably more a function of film length, which with the short attention spans social media promotes today, makes even two hours seem self-indulgent.

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