Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode 582: Getting Back To Work

So after learning today that my French examinations have been brought forward, I'm pretty psyched. That's one entire module that'll be ought of the way in less than a month! Have actually spent some time this afternoon after getting back from class doing French coursework. Isn't that amazing? I've also decided it's time to actually start writing the commentaries for my poems, so I'm going to do a couple tonight, if I can be bothered to exert myself that much. It's probably also a good chance to do some editing, if I feel so inclined. 200 words per poem seems rather a lot though, and it's a bit daunting to have to keep finding things to say when it feels like my approach for the entire portfolio was basically wanting to chronicle the paradoxical feelings evoked by holidaying. Admittedly, a lot of thought went into some of the poems, and on the whole, I think I made more revisions than average for me, but I'm still a bit embarrassed by the quality, seeing as how I'm going to be citing Elizabeth Bishop, Thom Gunn and Philip Larkin as the major influences on the portfolio as a whole. Maybe it is time to edit brutally, as someone suggested?

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