Monday, April 12, 2010

Episode 567: Home Sweet Home

We began saying goodbye even before we'd left the hotel, as some people stayed behind to continue travelling elsewhere from Amsterdam. Then there were the people who left us at the airport. So really, the coach ride back to London was one protracted farewell. I managed to spend most of it either dozing or reading the book I picked up at the Heineken museum. Was genuinely surprised to learn that Singapore and Tiger beer are part of the Heineken story! I also managed to spend all my remaining euros by buying a meal deal on the ferry. Was actually short by a couple of cents, but the cashier was a good man and just let it slide. Am now reading a book I bought on the ferry, Sarah Turnbull's Almost French, while waiting for the coach. Could have got on the 6.30 pm one if I'd paid £5, but as my ticket only cost me £2.70 in the first place, it seemed rather pointless to waste the money on three hours I didn't need to be in Coventry anyway. I mean, £5 is practically a paperback off Amazon UK! Randomly, I ran into a couple of Singaporeans (Jason and a bunch of juniors) who'd been travelling as well, so they're on that coach back to Coventry right now. It'll be good to be back, I think, to get back to a routine that doesn't involve long drives every alternate day. I think this is the longest holiday I've ever taken, bar that trip to New Zealand when I was a kid of which I only have the vaguest memories anyway. It's been a good one, although towards the end, a bit of politicking was creeping in that was so high school and completely silly, given that the majority of people on the trip are on average more than five years out of it. I was fortunate enough to find a group of people I could hang out with though, and most of them live in Australia so visiting isn't entirely out of the question.

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