Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Episode 568: Reality Strikes Back

'Until now, your biggest concern is whose hair is shinier.' So went Chuck's assessment of Nate and Serena's relationship on Gossip Girl. Is it too much to credit the show with a moment of self-awareness here? (At least Serena had the spine to kick Carter out of the car.) Anyway, having seen the latest episode, I think Gossip Girl needs to get its humour back. The snarky levity of the earlier seasons is missing, and all the intrigues are weighing things down. The relationship between Blair and Dorota was probably the only redeeming thing of the episode really. Season 4 had better start with a clean slate! (By the way, the plugging of The Vampire Diaries in this episode? Not cool, network executives, not cool at all. As for Jenny, what a bitch.) Anyway, I slept till about 2 pm today, but that's only because I went to bed around 4 am, having done my unpacking and started on laundry. Am not going to start on work again until Thursday, although technically, I've already got the opening paragraphs on at least one piece done. Know what I miss most about my Contiki trip? Warm hotel rooms.

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