Monday, April 26, 2010

Episode 581: Clubbing On A Monday!

So what was originally meant to be a celebration of our deadline turned into a celebration of, I guess, the extension we'd been granted. (It also means we get to celebrate the deadline again in two weeks' time. Yay!) On the way from Sophie Mac's place to Kasbah, I finally knew what it felt like to be one of the annoying, tipsy kids on the top deck of the bus. Except there weren't a lot of people around to be annoyed with us anyway, so I guess that was okay then. (Plus we were quite well-behaved. Really.) Kasbah actually isn't that crowded on a Monday night, and it was pretty nice to know that I was having fun while lots of people I know had just had their first day of the new term. I believe the term for this is schadenfreude! Then again, it's not like I've gone out a lot this year, so why deny myself a bit of fun? Walking back in the early hours of the morning was a bit creepy though, even though I wasn't in any danger of getting lost. I did post a tweet saying that if I didn't tweet again in 20 minutes, the police should be informed since it meant I'd probably been mugged or something. The funny thing? After 20 minutes, I nearly forgot to tweet again, despite being almost home.

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