Thursday, April 15, 2010

Episode 570: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Seeing as some of the Contiki people are stuck in London because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland that has caused air traffic to grind to a halt, I'm seriously contemplating hopping down to London for a couple of days to join them. Now it's just a matter of finding accommodation! The easy solution is really just to book a room at the Tavistock or County hotels, both in the vicinity of where my friends are staying and operated by the same hotel group anyway, just cheaper. (The Tavistock has en-suite rooms that tempt me more, as I figure if I'm going to splash out by staying in a hotel, why would I pick one that has shared bathrooms like the County?) Petrina has offered to let me crash at her place, which is pretty near to where I need to be, and I'm also asking Wilson if I can stay at his. I'll probably end up just picking whoever's nearer to Russell Square itself. To justify this trip though, I'm going to have to step up my productivity. I did some really good research today (i.e. I used Google) for the piece on the media and natural disasters, so I've pretty much got all the material I need to write that part of the portfolio. Am writing now in fact, and realising that the snappiness of the first two paragraphs really isn't sustainable throughout, not if I want to actually make a serious point along the way. Bummer...

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