Sunday, April 11, 2010

Episode 566: Today, I Found Out I Like Heineken

Stayed up last night to finish my poem about the red-light district and watch the new episode of Doctor Who, which was fantastic! If this is the kind of writing we're going to get throughout the fifth series, it wouldn't even matter if the cast were all ugly as sin (which they're not). Visited the building in which Anne Frank hid, which I found interesting but not quite as moving as Mauthausen. There was a truly random shop down the road, selling all sorts of wacky stuff, like absinthe dental floss and instant Irish accent mouthspray. Crazy, crazy place. Next up was the Heineken museum! I've discovered I find the taste quite pleasant, so I've got an alternative to cocktails the next time I'm on a night out. My dad has generously written off all the cash I borrowed during this trip, so I just need to settle credit card bills, which should hopefully be covered by what MOE pays me while I'm on attachment in August. I had a giant cone of chips while waiting for the coach, which was actually a major mistake. Almost ruined my dinner, where I was served one of the best fish courses I've ever had. The night ended with a farewell cruise through the canals of Amsterdam, where the goal was basically for people to get as hammered as possible within about an hour. (It was an open bar.) Having already had three Heinekens in the afternoon, I was pretty much done for the day, so I just spent the hour or so sipping a glass of rosé.

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