Monday, April 19, 2010

Episode 574: Shall I Buy The Complete New Yorker?

Did a walking tour in London, although my feet lately have been killing me. It's like some huge delayed reaction to all the walking I did while on tour, but otherwise, makes no sense. All I did was walk to church from the bus stop on Sunday, and then to Cannon Park Shopping Centre after service to buy groceries! Oh well. The walking tour was okay, but not really particularly exciting, even though it was about Jack the Ripper. The guide, who's a student at UCL, was really using 'uh' too much. It's like when people pray and use 'God/Lord' as punctuation, just drives me crazy. Was originally going to see a musical before deciding to accompany Troy on the walking tour, but I am going to see The 39 Steps tomorrow afternoon. May go to Harrod's with him and Briony before that, if I can wake up early enough. (They're meeting at 9.30 am, which is an hour that pretty much hasn't existed for me since I came back from my holiday.) I've also made phenomenal progress (for me) on my second non-fiction piece. I'm not sure if I know enough random facts about Singapore to hit 2000 words, but I'll worry about that in a couple of days. Right now, I'm just really tempted to order The Complete New Yorker (technically only until February 2005, but that's still 80 years' worth of issues) on DVD for US$17.95...

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