Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Episode 575: The 39 Steps

Just got back from Troy's birthday dinner at Pizza East. That place is pretty cool, really industrial feel to it. I'm beginning to realise just how much money London makes me spend. Today, I had lunch at itsu, which was healthy, but also pricey. Also dropped into an Oxfam charity shop, where I nearly bought seven plays published by Oberon Books, but walked off with four instead. Had been hoping to find some poetry that I'd want to buy, but no, it didn't happen. I did see a copy of ZoĆ« Brigley's The Secret from Bloodaxe, but even when shopping at charity shops, I don't buy books if they're too badly damaged. Was pretty much just killing time before going to see The 39 Steps anyway. Had picked this production completely on a whim, purely because I could get a stall ticket for £12. One of my best impulse decisions ever! I loved the humour, which at times derived from breaking of the fourth wall, which is something I really like seeing in theatre. The way the cast juggled the swift role changes was also impressive. Can't describe it properly here because it's got to be seen to be appreciated. I'm pretty pleased that I managed to catch the Hitchcock references in the dialogue as well. (Hitchcock directed the first film adaptation of John Buchan's novel of the same name. Patrick Barlow's theatrical adaptation of the Hitchcock film retains the plot, but gives it a much more comic treatment.) So yeah, it's definitely something worth checking out if you're in London! I've been keeping up with my writing as well, which I think is pretty impressive. Am definitely on track to finishing 5000 words before the weekend. It's not fantastic, but at least it'll be done.

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