Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode 583: The Box

Went onto campus to attend an options market briefing that I didn't actually need because I've already picked my modules for next year. I do want to try auditing one or two, since the workload from the French language module at the Language Centre is definitely not going to be as taxing for me as a module from the English department. Spent some time chilling in Curiositea, and then in the Library reading Joey Comeau's Overqualified. It was hilarious, although on the whole, it was the bits about the brother, Adrian, that struck me most and made me sad. That said, I am now also firmly convinced that Comeau is crazy, but a good kind of crazy that I would totally hang out with. (If he tweets me back after I mentioned him and his book on Twitter, I will be beyond happy.) Also saw The Box with Dan, which I would go so far as to say is one of the rare films that defy summarising. Let's just say it raises interesting ethical and philosophical questions, for which the mainstream audience has unsurprisingly hated on it. For me, the most interesting thing to consider is how much free will did the Lewises actually have. It seems to me that from the moment Norma (impulsively?) pushed the button, they were locked into a chain of events beyond their control, although the film does seem to go out of its way to muddy the order of cause and effect. In the end, the film never fully explains all of its events, but yet its two hours made for a richer viewing experience than most Hollywood blockbusters. We need more films like these that make people think, rather than the mindlessness of the likes of Twilight. (I apologise to Twilight fans for constantly cutting it down, but seriously, even if you want fluff of the vampiric variety, there's so much stuff out there that's better. Heck, read Anne Rice if you have to. I know I would.)

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