Sunday, April 25, 2010

Episode 580: Countdown To...Nothing!

'Styles change. / The democracy of it: / eventually everyone / can hope for a turn / at being wanted.' Thanks, Thom Gunn, for that reassurance. I might just have to buy your books now for those lines, even though I'm still hoping Faber & Faber will update the Collected Poems. (If it doesn't happen by the time I'm due to graduate next year, I'll just buy the Collected Poems and Boss Cupid separately because that's just how much I like Gunn's poetry.) Anyway, I'm not usually a big YouTube person, but I couldn't help checking out a video of Paul Muldoon analysing Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' for The Princeton Tiger. For a gag, it really wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, so slight disappointment there. Especially awkward was the joke about 'junk' being a reference to China. Logical? Yes. Funny? Well, not really? Even Cyanide & Happiness got more laughs out of me. Admittedly, that brand of humour is only tolerable in moderate doses. Too much of it, and I start to wonder why the heck I'm reading this webcomic. I only picked Cyanide & Happiness because Dinosaur Comics is too wordy to get through 200 comics at one go. It is, however, much, much better. Fact! One day, I'm going to mention Ryan North in a tweet and see if I get a reply. (Yeah, my life is that boring. Hey, it's actually worked before.)

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