Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Episode 1044: More Books On Their Way...

How have I managed not to discover Archer before yesternight? Sterling Archer is right up there with my list of favourite TV characters now, and he's just an animated figure. The humour actually reminds me of 27b/6: caustic, irreverent and raunchy. I feel about this show like I felt about Better Off Ted, except this show's already got a Season 3 coming up, as opposed to being cancelled. Yesterday, I also suddenly thought of buying some books from The Book Depository. Ended up spending £135.91 on American paperbacks, mostly Vintage Contemporary/International. So thanks Dan, for sending me that coupon code a while ago. Would've spent even more, except that following the Amazon takeover, The Book Depository's prices on British paperbacks have gone back up, whereas they used to undercut Amazon UK by 1p previously. I suppose it makes sense as a way to indirectly finance the free shipping that is for now still available? Even taking that into consideration, it's still cheaper to buy books this way (whichever side of the Atlantic they're published) than getting them from Borders or Kinokuniya. Anyway, I only splurged this time to get the most recent paperbacks from authors I read that I'm currently missing on my shelves.

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