Friday, August 05, 2011

Episode 1047: Chance Meetings

Posted a Facebook status complaining about slow-moving crowds in Orchard, and Bernice posted on my wall to say she was in Orchard too, at the ION Starbucks to be exact. So since Shirley was running late, and I'd browsed enough at Kinokuniya, I decided to go over and say hello. Think I honestly haven't seen her since JC days? Chatted for a bit, and Shirley arrived in the meantime, so I was about to head off. Only to turn around and realise Ken Cheng and Jun Kai were sitting at the table behind us! Talk about coincidences. Between the three of them, they were effectively blasts from all three phases of my local education past, from NYPS to RI to RJC. Would've loved to have stayed on and continue chatting, but I didn't want to keep Shirley waiting, so I made my excuses and left. I'm sure there'll be chances to meet up with them in future anyway. Ended up being late for cell, but I suppose at least I still went. Had waited so long for the 111 at Orchard Boulevard that I was on the verge of walking back to the MRT station and heading home!

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