Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Episode 1073: It Came In The Mail...

All five parts of The Resident Alien have arrived, so that's my reading plans sorted for the next couple of days! Shouldn't take long, since they're graphic novels. My graduation photographs have also finally arrived, literally at the very end of the six weeks the company estimated delivery would take at the most. (I graduated on a Thursday.) Offer letter from Warwick also arrived, as requested, so I'm going to scan it and send a copy to MOE, then there's really absolutely nothing they can still need me to provide before my signing can be arranged. Was going to start my visa application today, but it turns out the online system isn't available today (or yesterday, for that matter), so I'm going to have to do it tomorrow, if there's time before I need to meet Bernard at NUS to collect a couple of books he's bought for me. Like I was telling Shirley yesterday, my current game plan is to get one thing done everyday. It's working out well so far. Today was sorting out chords, which I've kind of done. Just need to actually check the arrangement before sending out copies to the music team.

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