Thursday, September 01, 2011

Episode 1074: TV Shows Almost Completely Restored!

I read the first part of Troy Chin's The Resident Tourist on the way down to NUS to meet Bernard, to pick up the books he bought on my behalf. Didn't take long, so might try to read the remaining four parts tonight. Found myself echoing the sentiments expressed in it, which is partly why I wanted to buy the series anyway, I guess. Then I went to Boon Lay to borrow Eugene Chan's hard drive, so now I've recovered almost 100% of my shows. (Who knows when I'll have time to watch them all?) Joined the rush hour crush on the way back, but it doesn't seem as bad as I recall it from last year. I suppose things will improve as more lines open, like the remaining stretch of the Circle Line. I'm sure Singaporeans will continue complaining if they don't. With the 'new normal' being proclaimed in local politics, looks like the compact between governing and governed is being revised in favour of the latter, although I do agree with government figures who urge Singaporeans to be more reasonable in their demands. On a related note, congratulations to Dr Tony Tan on being sworn in as the new President of Singapore!

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