Thursday, September 29, 2011

Episode 1102: My Poor NatWest Account

Annual allowance still hasn't been credited, so it's fortunate that the first instalment for Warwick Accommodation isn't due till end of October. I'm wondering if it hasn't arrived because the AGD only makes transfers on a specific day in the month, and because I signed my agreement in mid-September, I 'missed' the date for this month, and so I'm stuck waiting until it rolls around in October. Have sent an e-mail to check, in case it's a clerical error and I've been overlooked, though I highly doubt such a major mistake can actually happen! Anyway, it looks like Thursday is also a TV bonanza for me. There's Fresh Meat and The Fades from the UK, and American shows Free Agents (remake of something British, and therefore more likely than not to be disastrous), Happy Endings (the only Friends knockoff from 2010/11 to survive another year), Revenge (think Gossip Girl if it were set only in the Hamptons and were only about getting revenge rather than being ridiculous), and Suburgatory (another promising contender from this year's crop of admittedly gimmicky shows). Maybe Nick Marshall is right. I should just start a new blog about TV. The Internet obviously needs another person mouthing off online about what's on TV...

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