Thursday, September 22, 2011

Episode 1095: More Shows To Follow!

Review for Sabotage Reviews turned in an hour or so after midnight my time, and Scott has given the nod to my review of Conaway's book, so that one's going to The Cadaverine. Drunken Boat book has definitely been posted to me, but it hasn't arrived yet, so the editor is checking up on that. Will probably start reading The Mystic Masseur, which I'm revieiwing for Rum & Reviews Magazine, on the flight back to London if there aren't any interesting movies on my SQ flight. Would have to be really unlucky for that to happen though! Also just found out that Shen Ting's taking the same flight as me, so there'll be somebody to share a cab back to campus with. By the way, Nick Marshall, if you're reading this, you should start watching Fresh Meat and The Fades. They're both UK shows. Fresh Meat is C4's new university sitcom, in which the posh-but-pretending-to-slum-it kid describes Coventry as 'really normal'. (I swear I actually burst out laughing at that point.) It seems funny enough, although most of the characters are pretty hard to warm to. The Fades, on the other hand, is possibly trying to be Supernatural, and not doing too shabby a job either.

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