Monday, September 05, 2011

Episode 1078: New Bookshelf!

My new Scanteak bookshelf arrived today and is now completely filled. I'm going to have to shuffle books around to accommodate the ones that are still in the UK though. Having shelved everything, I think I can say that given my current reading speed and the amount of time I have for reading, both of which are more likely than not to decrease in the coming years rather than increase, I think I'm well past the point at which I own more books than I'll ever read in my lifetime. Have also finally got around to completing my visa application! Heading down to the centre tomorrow to pay for the application and send all the paperwork off, as I realised that if I didn't get this done tomorrow, I might not get my passport back before the Wednesday after next, when I need it to exchange for a pass to get into the MND Complex for my agreement signing! I know, I should have got the visa done sooner. Oh well, apparently these days, practically all applications are successfully processed in five working days, so here's hoping mine won't be the exception...

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