Friday, September 30, 2011

Episode 1103: Postcolonialism Is Out To Get Me, Isn't It?

How's this for cool? The second printing of Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 4 was done by Tien Wah Press in Singapore. Don't think I'll manage to finish the issue before I have to fly though, I'm afraid. Pablo Mukherjee sent back my dissertation proposal with comments and a recommended bibliography that will help to furnish the theoretical framework my current proposal lacks, so yeah, postcolonial studies is still catching up with me anyway, even though I decided against the corresponding module for my MA with Neil Lazarus. As it turns out, Neil's most recent book, The Postcolonial Unconscious, published only in August, is likely to prove critical to the formulation of my thesis. Have a stack of reading to get through now, and I'm actually considering cutting back on some of the less interesting TV shows I'm following, in the vein of how I axed Harry's Law from my list previously, although I've since reconsidered on Nick Marshall's prompting, only to be told that the show has devolved into something he dislikes, i.e. 'Generic Legal Drama: Featuring a Sarcastic Lady'. Ironically, doesn't that sound exactly like my type of show?

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