Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Episode 1093: TV Tuesdays!

Guess my plan to catch up on How I Met Your Mother before the new season premieres has failed, since the Season 7 premiere aired yesterday. I'm not even done with Season 1 yet! It looks like Tuesdays are again going to be the day with the most shows to watch for me, as many as 10 during this period when summer and fall programming overlap. Just as well that I have Wednesdays free on my timetable, unless I decide to take an academic French module at the Language Centre. The only modules I can progress to both run on Wednesday afternoons. Don't see any point in taking an LLL module, even though I'll get another Open Studies Certificate out of it. If I did, at least it wouldn't be in French. Can't decide if I really want to pay £300 for an academic module though. Totally didn't feel it was worth it when I did that in first year, and while it's not like I haven't learnt stuff over three years of French lessons, it hasn't entirely been what I imagined it would be like either. I'd like to think that by now, I'm capable of maintaining my language skills independently. It has been more than a decade since I started learning French after all...

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