Thursday, September 08, 2011

Episode 1081: Visa Posted...

Blogger's got a snazzy new interface, although I'm not entirely sure if I like it. It's just part of the makeover that Google is giving to its products. On a tangential note, Google+ seems to be dying, for my anyway. I mean, I really like the interface, but I don't really have enough friends on Google+ to make it a viable competitor with Facebook for my social networking time. What little of it there is anyway, I spent way less time on places like Facebook and Twitter than I used to. I got an e-mail from Manila today, saying that my visa was being posted, so I guess I'll be able to collect it by tomorrow, Monday at the latest. Flight's sorted as well, paid a tiny amount to fly SQ rather than BA (for some reason, no QF flights were offered in the Pricebreaker quotation this time). Would have preferred to arrive on the Saturday of Freshers' Weekend, but I guess campus will be just as hectic on Sunday. I hope the people in my hall are nice. (What are postgraduate students supposed to be like anyway, right?) Wonder how many will be people like me, going straight on from a Bachelor's, and how many will be comparatively maturer students. To be fair, I'm probably going to be closer in age to those 'mature' students myself!

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