Monday, September 26, 2011

Episode 1099: Packing Begins!

Started packing this evening, so all the clothes I want to bring back have been picked out. Only need to make up my mind about the books and I'll be all set. Probably could do with bringing less clothes, as usual. Ah well, I'm rationalising it on the grounds that I'll be there for the full year this time, rather than just nine months, so obviously I need more clothes with me, right? Randomly, I never realised that Heronbank and Lakeside were organised under one Warden as the Heronbank and Lakeside Student Village. I guess like Westwood, being outside the main traffic corridors of Central Campus does give these residences more of a community feel. I wonder what floor my room will be on, and how far away will the launderette be? I've already sent an e-mail to Access Storage Coventry to say I'm moving out by next Monday, so I don't have to rush to get all my boxes out on the same day that I land in the UK. Probably makes more sense to pay a taxi driver a flat fee and have him drive me to the building from campus, wait for (and help?) me to unload my boxes, and then drive me back to Heronbank. I guess £30+ should be reasonable enough.

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