Friday, September 02, 2011

Episode 1075: Good New Shoes!

Guess really was just waiting for the actual offer letter from Warwick, as I was contacted about my signing today. Dad can't make it on the date they scheduled, so it's been postponed by a week. Probably should try and get my visa done this week then. Randomly, the new pair of shoes I bought from Aldo last week is very comfortable, among the best impulse shoe decisions I've ever made. Plus it's in a mix of dark colours, perfect for the griminess of winter slush, unlike the white pair of Diesel shoes that I would wear more often if they didn't get dirty so easily. Guess I'm still going to bring them back though, just to have another footwear option. I've been thinking about getting another pair of Havianas too, but it keeps slipping my mind when I'm out. Anyway, having seen the latest episode of Suits, I think it's safe to say it's my favourite show from the USA network. Yeah, it ranks above Covert Affairs, and definitely Royal Pains, which to be honest, has kind of hit a slump. The characters are still likeable, but the overarching storyline seems to have hit a brick wall, in terms of being interesting and getting consistently developed. Maybe the winter block of episodes will show an improvement?

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