Saturday, September 24, 2011

Episode 1097: Let's Not Pretend Anymore I'm Going To Stop Talking About TV Shows

The Season 2 premiere of Nikita was actually kind of boring. I like that Michael and Nikita are together and on the run, and Melinda Clarke is still being brilliant and scary as Amanda, but I somehow just expected more from an episode kickstarting a new season. The addition of Dillon Casey (probably more familiar to TV audiences as the random guy who got naked with John Barrowman not too long ago on Torchwood: Miracle Day) looks set to complicate things for Division, and maybe provide a new love interest for Alex, after Ashton Holmes's character got killed off far too quickly. I'll admit though, Birkhoff got more badass over the summer. Now that was a good moment in an otherwise lacklustre season premiere. Still need to watch the premiere of Fringe Season 4, but I have faith that it's going to be awesome. For a show that airs on Fox, notorious for canning intriguing shows (anyone remember that two-episode gem, Lone Star?), for Fringe to make it this far, and up its game with each successive season, is pretty incredible. It's still in the Friday night death slot though, so I guess a Season 5 looks unlikely. Sigh. Maybe 2012 will be the year Fox wises up and ditches the reality crap like American Idol in favour of renewing something like Fringe or Terra Nova (yeah, I'm predicting the latter's demise before it's even aired)?

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