Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Episode 1087: Signing On The Dotted Line...Again

Finally, I've signed my variation agreement for my Master's. Like the last time, there were typographical errors in the agreement! Definitely transcription errors that someone should have caught, had they been doing their job right. (By the way, the MND building looks surprisingly rundown, given the ministry's job scope.) Got my flight ticket issued as well, in the nick of time, as the reservation would have expired today otherwise. So now I've bought my coach ticket from Heathrow to Coventry as well. All that's left to do is e-mail the storage company to let them know when I'll be vacating my unit, and I'm all set to head back. Apart from packing, that is. Since I've already decided to do my annual thing of spending Christmas in Singapore, I probably won't have to carry all the books I need and/or want over on this flight. I guess I can afford to leave all of the reference stuff behind, until I know whether my dissertation proposal has been approved. Incidentally, David Tait's written an article for the National Association for Literature Development, which you can read here. (Full disclosure: He mentions a bunch of people at the end that've been published by The Cadaverine, including yours truly.)

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