Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Episode 1045: A Different Sort Of Homecoming

So today I noticed that the new issue of Quarterly Literary Review Singapore is up, and my poem 'Homecoming' is the first in the issue. This was the one that I originally sent in a few months ago, which Hsien Min suggested I rewrite and resubmit for this issue. Dithered and didn't get any further with it, but I did show it to a bunch of poets like Tony Barnstone and David Tait, getting some feedback in the process. When I finally decided to do the rewriting, it came fairly quickly. So now the poem's online at last, and just in time for National Day too! Very fitting, given the subject of the poem is Singapore. This publication's doubly special for me because QLRS actually gave me my first publication in a literary journal, six years ago, with 'Another Night On The Patio', which I wrote during a Mathematics lecture in JC. So to commemorate the occasion for myself, I decided to collate links to all of my published work here. It's just a simple webpage constructed using Google Sites, but it's mostly for my own reference anyway. I doubt that many people are falling over themselves to read my stuff!

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