Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Episode 1058: Decided!

As Pretty Little Liars goes on hiatus till winter, along comes The Lying Game to take its place. Based on another book series by Sara Shepard and also airing on ABC Family, it should prove a shoo-in success, I expect. (The CW is surely trying to replicate the formula as well with The Secret Circle riding on the popularity of The Vampire Diaries.) The trouble is that apart from Alexandra Chando, who plays twins Emma and Sutton (think Nina Dobrev as Elena/Katherine), none of the other characters are particularly sympathetic in the pilot, but as a stopgap programme between the tail end of summer programming and fall premieres, it should do fine, I guess. I've also made up my mind about what order to put my modules in. Second choice will be the one on urban modernism and reserve the one on translation studies. Turns out it's assessed with an essay like most other English modules (although I had to look in the handbook for a different MA in our department to find that out), and I figured it wasn't worth leaping into a module like that if it was going to be assessed traditionally, since I have no background in translation studies at all, despite being functionally trilingual. Anyway, hopefully I get all the choices I want!

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