Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode 1060: The Pupil

Review of Curbside Quotidian is up here. Ended up trimming off the first paragraph at my editor's suggestion. Now my next project is a review-cum-interview for Ceriph, possibly extending to the people at Math Paper Press as well. All depends on how amenable the people involved are, although since I'm happy to do e-mail interviews, I don't anticipate any problems getting them on board. Will get started on this once I've written my dissertation proposal, so sometime next week? Now watching the new season of The Pupil, Mediacorp's attempt at a legal drama. Judging by the drama-filled recap of Season 1, the closest American equivalent show that comes to mind is Damages. Whatever the case (pardon the pun), it's nice to see a local production in English where the actors don't make you cringe when they open their mouths. It's like Mediacorp decided to get all the actors who don't sound weird speaking English and made a drama with them. Janice Koh, Lim Kay Tong, Adrian Pang, Tan Kheng Hua? (We're leaving out Bobby Tonelli and George Young because technically, they're not locals. Rebecca Lim also doesn't get a mention because she mispronounced 'jail', and I don't care that she won an Asian Television Award last year for this role.) It's nice seeing Lim back on TV in a regular capacity. Think the last time I saw him in anything was during his Growing Up days.

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