Thursday, August 04, 2011

Episode 1046: Burst Of Industry

Turns out I really can get a lot done when I force myself to sit down and do stuff. Scheduled a bunch of submissions for both Eunoia Review and The Cadaverine. Was actually going to put off the latter till Saturday, but there's a Borders clearance sale at Expo that I want to go to, so I figured I might as well get them done today. Last night, I also figured out how to tweak our template so that the default font colour for posts is black rather than grey, so I was quite pleased about that. (David Tait, what would you do without my comparatively greater technological savvy? Haha!) Then I managed to get the review of Brittle Star out in about three hours, finishing just in time for dinner. Would've taken less time if I hadn't been watching Royal Pains, and then Franklin & Bash, but it's a pretty solid review, if I may say so, or at least the close reading bit was spot-on. You can check it out here. (Particularly proud of the brief close reading in the third paragraph!) Also found out that I've been nominated for the PSC MAP. Not sure if this means that I have to do interviews this summer, but I suppose they'll explain everything to us at the briefing on Monday. Pretty impressed that they've scheduled it on the eve of National Day. Would have expected everyone to be in a holiday mood by then. If this were France, wouldn't Monday have been declared a holiday since Tuesday was a public holiday already?

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