Monday, August 01, 2011

Episode 1043: Transcript's Arrived!

Degree transcript has (finally) arrived, so a copy's been e-mailed to the relevant people at MOE. Now to sit back and wait! Today's also the launch date for Rum & Reviews Magazine, and you can now read my review of Rachel Boast's Sidereal here! Check it (and the rest of our launch issue) out and feel free to let me know what you think! Now to crack out the Brittle Star review. No rest for the literate! Anyway, I'm watching the final episode of the latest 9 pm Mediacorp drama, and it's so lazily scripted it makes American fare look like the work of geniuses. This happens to be a 25-episode drama, and the pacing was quite good in the first half, but lately, all the episodes have been cramming too much into too little time. Now it's the finale, and they're basically trying to wrap up all the storylines by stringing a series of improbable events together to fill the episode. To be fair, Mediacorp dramas tend to be mediocre anyway, but they seldom get this bad. (I doubt any Singaporeans who read this would bother defending Mediacorp.) Nice to see Zoe Tay can still bring her A game to a role though...

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