Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Episode 1051: My Bookshelves Are Now A Thing Of Beauty!

Spent the afternoon switching the positions of my cupboard and my bookshelf, which took much longer than you'd think, as I decided to reorganise all my books while I was at it. Hours later, the shelves are now a thing of beauty! All the effort was in preparation for buying a second set of shelves, which I'll fill with the books and literary magazines I've now repacked into various boxes lying around. Hopefully, there'll actually be space left over for future purchases. All this shifting and arranging meant that I didn't get any reading done today, so the whole reading one issue of Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern each day is completely not working out. I've been reading the first issue of Lucky Peach though, which is delicious. Literally. I mean, after getting through about half of it, I feel like I know way more about ramen than I'll ever need to in my life, but I also feel like eating more ramen than I have any business doing so. (Who cares if what you get in Singapore is probably a bastardised version of the 'real thing'? There's actually a whole article in Lucky Peach that takes apart the notion of authenticity anyway.)

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