Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Episode 1066: Success!

Sweet! Finally made some progress with my dissertation proposal, so I should definitely be able to get it done over the weekend now. Also think I've managed to adjust the Mega Manager settings so that the file downloads don't interfere with the rest of the family connecting to the WiFi. Grabbed fewer files overnight than I expected, but at least I know Mega Manager can hum along nicely 24/7. On an equally happy note, I'm staying in Heronbank for my MA! Accepted the contract yesterday, so now it's whether I can make it to the UK a week early to attend LIPPfest in Leeds. Would really like to, although I'm not sure what I'm going to do about accommodation. Doesn't seem like the Radisson still has rooms at the festival special rate. In any case, I haven't signed anything with MOE, so I haven't booked my flight either. (Or made an appointment to do my visa for that matter. Probably should get around to doing that, especially since the application can be completed online now.) Geosynchron is read, and I must say, I liked how the ending was more speculative than conclusive, even if it was a bit hastily done in my opinion, but I can see how such an ending to the trilogy would be a major problem for any network trying to make a TV adaptation. As far as finishes go, it's in the league of Lost, I reckon.

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