Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Episode 1059: Too Much To Say?

Was going to get up early and make a start on my review of Curbside Quotidian, but unsurprisingly, I didn't actually start on it till later in the afternoon. Even took a nap between writing the first and second paragraphs, or I'd have been able to finish it by now, since this is one of those lucky occasions when I was able to figure out everything I wanted to say in the review after just one read-through of the material. Might even have to deliberately single out fewer specific pieces for discussion, or group them under broader headings, in order to keep the review to a manageable length. Have already gone past 400 words, and I still have at least two stories and one poem that I want to dissect. Probably going to have to omit the non-fiction pieces from my discussion, although it seems unfair, given that I'm making mention of all the other three categories of work published by Curbside Quotidian. Perhaps a quick sentence tagged on at the end to draw attention to the non-fiction piece? I think it's really good, but don't have much to comment on it beyond that I could imagine it being published by McSweeney's in one of their magazines and that it'd be interesting to see the complete work that it's excerpted from.

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