Monday, August 29, 2011

Episode 1071: Proposal Written (At Last!)

Given how long I've been putting it off, writing the 500-word proposal took only about an hour. Granted, I'd been mulling over it for weeks now, so it was really a question of getting the wording right in the proposal. I think it's convincing enough to get approved, and the actual thesis is going to have to be refined through workshops anyway. Next thing to do is settle my visa application and book an appointment. Still no word from about signing anything, frustratingly. Anyway, I recently bought Troy Chin's graphic novel series, The Resident Tourist and all the back issues of McSweeney's Wholphin (steeply discounted!), so I'm looking forward to their arrival in the post. Would've bought all the back issues of The Believer as well, especially with all the annual catch-up bundles being discounted, but the shipping to Singapore would literally have been as expensive as the magazines themselves. Guess I'll wait till I'm back at Warwick. Transatlantic shipping'll still cost a pretty penny (and then some), but not as much as to Singapore. Once I've got all the back issues of all the various magazines published by McSweeney's, I'm going to take out a combo subscription to all three!

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