Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Episode 134: Volver

Not as much snow today, so hopefully the weather's taking a turn for the better. Can't quite picture us shivering outside Varsity on Thursday night, can you? Bought a couple of Keith's pictures from Tiffanie, so even if I never get a copy of Yong Long's video, I still have something to remember The Culture Project by beyond my script. Saw yet another Pedro Almodóvar film this evening, Volver (Return), courtesy of KPMG. It was also my first time attending anything screened by Warwick Student Cinema, even though I've been a member all this time. There were free pizza and drinks after the screening too! I really liked Penélope Cruz in this film. She has that beautifully frayed look throughout it, hinting at the cracks even as she struggles to keep it all together. Went to see it with Annie, Dan, Kathy, Lucy and Sophie. We might have ourselves yet another tradition in the making. Films. Haha! We stood in the freezing cold for quite a while, just talking. It ended with hugs all around, altogether a rather nice way to end a night out with friends. Now though, I'm stuck in my room, trying to finish my work for tomorrow's seminar. I know vaguely what I want to write, and at this point, I'm pretty much willing to settle for second-rate, even third-rate, writing, just to have something to read out tomorrow.

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