Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode 150: Put Your Boots On, Baby, Get To Work!

Have succeeded in finishing my commentary on the Spenserian sonnet before heading to Varsity! You know how sometimes you don't notice stuff, but then when you do, it becomes all you can think about? I'm like that with pilling on my clothes, so much so that I've decided I should try getting a cheap fabric shaver to see if I can reduce some of the worst pilling. Anyway, today's lecture on The Buddha Of Suburbia was like that. I don't particularly care for the book, and was terribly amused when Adam Putz showed us his ripped up and chewed on copy of Kureishi's novel during Tuesday's seminar. I described it as 'episodically entertaining', which is quite true, given that I read the first two chapters, and felt like it was just a waste of my time. It was funny, but I didn't feel particularly amazed at the language, or at the message of the novel. Today's lecturer didn't do much to improve my impression of the novel, especially since from the way that she put it, it sounded to me like the terrain Kureishi treads has been done before, only in far more capable ways. Didn't help that every other sentence of hers was peppered by 'uh'. It's like once you notice something like that, you can't help but be hopelessly distracted by it. The Waiting For Godot workshop in the afternoon was fun though, and now I really, really want to watch it in London!

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