Saturday, February 07, 2009

Episode 138: Malaysia Night 2009

I thought the production went well, although being backstage, you can't really see all that much without shoving your head through the curtains. That said, I've already seen it a couple of times during rehearsals anyway. I'm glad most of the props transitions went smoothly! Have decided being a stagehand isn't really my kind of thing though, but at least not I've tried almost every role in a stage production, except for producer and technician, the former because I have no idea what it entails, the latter because I have no talent for it. Clearing the place after the end of the production was more chaotic, so I disappeared with the Singaporean bits of cast and crew after moving some of the props, without seeing how it was all finally sorted out. We were originally going to Lava & Ignite, and we actually walked all the way there from the Belgrade Theatre, but we changed our minds in the end and caught a bus back to Jerrick's place in Lakeside. Not before ordering ourselves some Go Go Fried Chicken though! That stuff is addictive, even if the fries do kind of suck. Some of the Malaysians drove over too, and we all wound up sitting around the table in Jerrick's kitchen, eating, talking and occasionally, bitching. Altogether quite a nice way to round things off, even if it did mean walking home in the freezing cold sometime past 3 am!

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