Sunday, February 01, 2009

Episode 132: Singapore Society CNY Dinner

Went to Iceland and Tesco after service to get some microwaveable meals and chips. It started to snow today, heavily enough to be disconcerting. Snowfall is predicted for at least the next couple of days! Decided to cook a batch of pasta large enough to feed me for a few meals. Have kept it in the fridge, so I'll probably eat it on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, together with one of the ready-made meals. Spent the rest of the time before the CNY dinner at Wing Wah just bumming. I know I should be writing my piece for Weird Fiction. Or for Maureen's seminar on Wednesday. Or even that short French essay, which I'm almost certain to end up staying awake till way past midnight just to complete. (I could just pretend I haven't printed it out, I guess.) Shirley got me to try Geo Challenge on Facebook. Admittedly, the application is addictive at first, but I can see the novelty of it wearing off, just like with My Heroes Ability (and every other application I've ever added). Didn't eat that much at Wing Wah this time, even though the buffet's full of ridiculously unhealthy stuff that I like. There was even steamboat, but that wasn't very nice, to be honest. A huge platter of food for a rather small pot of stock, which was replenished by plain water. Now that was a little strange, no? The dinner entertainment was good though, striking just the right note of hilarity. Marc has brilliant comic timing, although the amount of bad karma he must have accumulated after what he did to Wayne. Haha! Chloe, Peng Kun and I played mahjong with Samantha after dinner, but she's so slow! I think I might have to start playing mahjong online again, but that would just be another distraction from reading and writing, which I do precious little of as it is. Walking back to the bus stop in the cold was not fun at all! Can't imagine what it's going to be like tomorrow if it really does start snowing...

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