Saturday, January 31, 2009

Episode 131: Morning Panicking, Afternoon Lazing, Evening Working, Night Reading

Forgot to mention yesterday that my bookshelves at Westwood are now almost as packed as those at home. I should probably consider packing some of the books here and sending them home, especially since I would still like a few more books sent over, like the rest of my Thomas Hardy novels. I probably should send back all the Joanne Harris books, once I've finally read them all. Had a minor panic this morning when I had to reschedule our housing viewing on very short notice. Thankfully, everyone can make it on Monday instead. I really, really want to get this over and done with ASAP. I'm about to start reading Algernon Blackwood's stories in order to work on my piece for China's workshop on Wednesday. I've been a little distracted though by watching Torchwood. I nearly cried during the Series 2 finale when Owen died, and then Toshiko. I've started watching Sanctuary now, which feels like the American answer to Torchwood, albeit a little more serious in its tone. Okay. I'm going to eat biscuits and Krispy Kremes for dinner, read Blackwood and write for a bit, and then do some massive reading so that I can finally return some of these books to the Library.

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