Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Episode 120: Looking For A House (To Call A Home)

Bella's down with chickenpox, so now I'm the one directing rehearsals. This got off to a horrendous start because I was more than an hour late for tonight's rehearsal, as I was hunting for houses in Earlsdon. I wish Chloe would just take either of the ones we saw tonight, I really do. The rent is to die for, and all the objections she raised are things that can be lived with. On ne peut pas demander quelque chose qui n'existe pas! I just want a roof over my head, and today's landlord seemed decent. As much as I believe in comparison and looking for the 'best deal', I think there comes a point in time when the cost of searching outweighs the benefit of taking what you can get, which in this case is by no means a raw deal anyway. As for the title of today's entry, that's a bit of Adam's seminar infiltrating here. We were talking about Freud and the uncanny today, and I was thinking again about House Of Leaves, still one of the most unusual novels I've ever read. The idea of unheimlich, of the unhomely, is pretty fascinating. I could write a poem about that, I think, houses that are not homes. It sounds too glib and hackneyed, but I could spin something out of it, I'm sure. If we can't get either of tonight's houses, then I hope the person I've messaged on Facebook has a nice place to show us, even if it does cost nearly £20 more, and we're paying for things like TV that we initially said we didn't even need. Sigh. Si on est disposé à transiger, tout sera bien. Il faut qu'on soit réaliste!

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