Monday, January 26, 2009

Episode 126: Malade

Yes, perhaps you should have. En tout cas, j'en ai marre de toi. I'm definitely sick, but with a bit of self-medication, I think I'll live. Threadless is having a mini-sale, and I'm so tempted. Resist, Ian, resist. Hold out for a bigger sale at the very least. Attended Thomas Docherty's lecture this afternoon, and regretted not starting sooner, especially since he said that next week's probably the last lecture in the series. Maybe I'll turn up to his lectures next year if they don't clash with anything on my timetable, just for his Glaswegian accent. Haha! Am still watching Torchwood. It's a little upsetting, knowing that Owen and Toshiko get killed off at the end of Series 2. Ah well, Ianto's my favourite character anyway. The innuendo in some of his lines is simply outrageous. I've never heard sex being described as, well, avant-garde dabbling. The episode where he says there are a lot of things that one can do with a stopwatch is a little disturbing though. Bella's finally back at rehearsals for The Culture Project, which means I can heave a sigh of relief and go back to my background role. Spent the rehearsal typing out one of my pieces for Maureen Freely's seminar on Wednesday. It didn't quite go the way that I'd originally envisioned, but I suppose it'll do. Am now trying to come up with a witty sequence of dialogue, but I've hit a mental block on this one. Think I'll give it a rest for now. After all, there's still tomorrow...

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