Saturday, January 17, 2009

Episode 117: Dublin!

For a budget airline, the Ryanair flight to Dublin was surprisingly comfortable. No frills, of course, and it was pretty funny to watch a person demonstrating banalities like how to buckle the seatbelt. I'm quite sure the flight steward nearest to our row thought it was ridiculous too, and I'm pretty sure I caught a smile on his face as he fastened and unfastened the mock seatbelt. I managed to fall asleep for a good part of the flight, so that was okay. The hostel we're staying in, Abraham House, is actually pretty decent. It must be really popular too, since although Louisa had to pull out of our trip, someone still booked the now-free last bed in our room. Paul's a really friendly New Yorker though, and we've just spent the better part of the night listening to him telling us about all sorts of stuff. He knew P. Diddy before, well, he was P. Diddy, and although I'm not into that kind of music, it still sounds awesome to actually personally know someone famous. We spent some time walking around the city after we checked in, until we finally reached the Guiness Storehouse, which is a huge monument to the drink. I don't really like it, a little too bitter for me. Seeing how it's made was interesting though, and I didn't know Guiness is brewed in Singapore! We had a late lunch there, where I had a huge slab of bacon. Incredible stuff! As for dinner, we ate at this restaurant called Abrakebabra, which was totally not worth the money we paid for it, but the name of the chain totally reminded us of Amisha. Haha!

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