Thursday, January 08, 2009

Episode 108: The Unbearable Elusiveness Of Beginnings

Got back my French test, for which I scored a respectable 85%. Am pleased with that grade, although I'm making the sort of minor careless mistakes that I really shouldn't be, given my background in the language. Sat through rehearsal, spending most of it trying to come up with a good opening sentence. Unsurprisingly, I failed, though I ended up being rather tickled by Laura's suggestions on Facebook. Seriously though, Facebook is possibly the worst thing to have ever been invented in relation to productivity. I spent more time checking it than forcing myself to think about the first sentence. I have managed to come up with one, but it's a little dry, especially when compared to what I used for my previous essay on 'Howl': 'Hell and literature are not unfamiliar bedfellows.' I am resisting the temptation, so far anyway, to open with an impressive quotation, as I know there's plenty of room for that later, and I simply don't believe that I'm incapable of coming up with a good opening hook. Between going to view a house and being invited to Whitefields for dinner, I doubt that I'll get much work done tomorrow. Perhaps if I'm really disciplined, and hence productive, in the afternoon?

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