Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Episode 121: Ramphal Rehearsal

I read out both of my paragraphs during this morning's seminar, and it's been suggested by Maureen Freely that I consider redrafting the one about the act of cruelty to give it greater immediacy. Now everyone thinks I'm a horrible boy because I squeezed a tadpole to make it burst. Haha! At least I admit to the horrid things I did as a kid. Today's meeting with Michael Hulse was particularly funny because he showed us this double CD someone had submitted. That guy is either really clueless or crazy, we couldn't decide which. I think he's developed a cult fanbase among us though, scarily enough. Anyway, I like it when we hold rehearsals in Ramphal because we can get bigger spaces that way. Who cares if we haven't actually booked the place? We managed to sort of run through the entire play, although I'm still a little puzzled as to why we can't actually get the actual venue for at least one rehearsal before the real thing. Ah well. The cast is getting the hang of it, but I'm a little concerned that they won't have practised enough with the actual props. The whole directing-over-Skype thing was pretty cool, and I think it's as good a solution as can be rigged, given the circumstances. We're going to have a meeting tomorrow right after rehearsal, but I'd much rather be at Varsity again with my coursemates.

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