Thursday, January 15, 2009

Episode 115: Varsity With The Creative Writing Crew

Spent a couple of hours at rehearsal before heading to Varsity, where I had a pint of Purple, one VK Blue, one VK Ice, and four shots. That's close to the maximum I've ever drunk in one sitting, which was either at Gotham Penthouse with Derrick, Vaish and Thong or at Café del Mar with my cell group. Tonight though, I've been hanging out with some of my coursemates, just as we planned on Facebook, and it's been a blast, even if the queue at the bar in Varsity grew ever more nightmarish as the night wore on. I know because I queued up twice to buy drinks. Anyway, we could very well end up doing this every week. We were coming up with all sorts of ways to work it into our Thursday seminars with Jim Byatt, but that just might have been our collective alcohol-fuelled imagination running wild. So now I've made it back to my room in one piece. I've realised that I process alcohol really quickly. Like within an hour, the world stops threatening to blur and what sets in is instead a throbbing head that varies in intensity. I've never had a hangover either, for which I should be grateful. I do think that after tonight though, I should drink less at Electric City tomorrow. Already told Tiffanie to stop me. I'll have to get up really early for our flight to Dublin anyway, so better not to run the risk of oversleeping.

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