Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Episode 114: En Français, S'il Vous Plaît...

This morning's seminar with Maureen Freely was good fun! Only about two-thirds of the class turned up, so it was pretty cosy. I'm quite glad with how my experiments with style worked out, especially the one where style doesn't match content. I'm quite excited about the new pieces that we're supposed to write for next week. Same goes for the Weird Fiction one, which is based on a little game of exquisite corpse we did at the very end of the workshop. My monster is pretty freaky. It's got a long-beaked head, a pair of tentacular arms, and three pairs of feet, which look like they should belong to a spider. I'm already rubbing my hands in glee. After this morning's seminar, a bunch of us headed to Kami Lounge for a drink and a bite. It wasn't really planned, at least not on everyone's part, but it was a pretty fun way to spend the rest of a foggy morning. I think we've now more or less decided that we're going to Varsity tomorrow, after talking about it on Facebook and again while we were in Kami Lounge, which should be fun, and for once, I'll actually be the first to get home from a night out! Am now trying to do my French homework, which isn't really that challenging. Haha! Have I mentioned that I love the song 'Mirror Error' that was featured on the latest episode of Gossip Girl? It's by The Faint, and I've started listening to their latest album. Fasciinatiion, which is quite different from the stuff I normally listen to. Go check the band out and you'll understand, if you know me well enough.

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