Thursday, January 01, 2009

Episode 101: Rewriting

Have finally got around to rewriting the script, only to realise that most of Bella's comments are more to do with staging, and as such require minimal changes to the dialogue. I've tried to trim anyway, since we're definitely running over an hour as it is, and I'm going to add in an additional scene she requested as well as change some of the lines to make the Chinese couple more 'balanced', but other than that, I don't think I'm going to majorly rewrite the script, at least not before I've seen it done at least once in rehearsal and can see what works and doesn't work from the point of view of the audience. Spent a good part of the day looking for new music, including that song from Wild Child that I found so catchy. I now know it's 'Let Me Think About It' by Ida Corr, as remixed by Fedde Le Grand. Unfortunately, I don't quite like the original, let alone the rest of her album! Have managed to find Ari Gold's albums, which I couldn't while I was in Singapore a few months ago. Am still searching for KJ's new single because I couldn't find it on iTunes for some reason. Eugene Chan's visiting over the weekend, so spent most of the afternoon talking after Keegan came over. Then Sarah came over and we cooked dinner, to use up everyone's groceries. Bella joined us for dinner, and now everyone's outside watching The Matrix Reloaded, while I rewrite the script. Poor me! Haha...

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